Reviews of 'Camille Dupré'


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‘In this cleverly crafted and meticulously researched novel O’Brien has created a story of survival which demonstrates the power of literature to transcend boundaries of place and time. ‘Camille Dupré’ stimulates the imagination, satisfies the heart and provokes contemplation of a brave new world.’

Chris McGuigan, 'The Kensington Review' Read the entire review here.

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‘Even though the book is set during dark times in history, 'Camille Dupré' is filled with light, warmth and love. I loved everything about it, the characters were so real to me and I got such a strong sense of village life, and loved how it was all embroidered together with the French proverbs.

A book as special as ‘Camille Dupré’ needs to be read in a walled garden accompanied by a pot of French Earl Grey tea and a massive bunch of Souvenir de la Malmaison roses.'

Michelle Endersby, writer and renowned rose painter

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'A page-turner about the resilience of the human spirit in a world
where friends have become enemies, and ordinary freedoms no longer exist.'

Robyn Goodwin, Author

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‘An enchanting story about making it through to the other side . . .
Perfect reading in these coronavirus times.’

'Books Galore'

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Camille’s story is unique, or is it the story of many? In portraying Camille’s life, the writer also paints the picture of many other lives that were, and still are, affected by ongoing wars and displacement, but paradoxically, also hope for the future. This is a tale set during a war of destruction. Yet through it all, there is a love story, nurtured in youth with dreams for a future that is tossed and blown like a fragile leaf in the wind. The conclusion of Camille’s journey is a poignant beginning of hope for the future.'

Jan Dawkins, writer

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