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 Bayside Library, November 2016

Grey possumRead my interview about 'The Rarest Thing' with Robin Tennant-Wood in the 'District Bulletin': https://districtbulletin.com.au/high-country-journey-revelations/

Grey possumRead my interview with InkAshlings about 'The Rarest Thing' in which we discuss how being a visual artist creeps into my writing, and I offer some tips for aspiring writers of historical fiction.



Grey possumRead my interview with Duffy the Writer about 'The Rarest Thing' in which we discuss the pleasures and perils of writing historical fiction, the inspirations for the book and the development of 'real characters' rather than cardboard cut-outs. Just scroll down for the interview.



Kirsty People 420To coincide with the release of the April 2016 'Reader's Digest' 'Special Editions' in which a condensed version of 'The Trivia Man' appears, I did an interview with RD's Alison Fraser about the inspiration for the novel.  Read the interview here.


Kirsty People 420Some intriguing questions from North Melbourne Mum about juggling motherhood and career, as well as a discussion about how covers are designed and what, if any, is the author's contribution. We also talked about what it means to be an Australian author.  You can read the interview at Karen's website.


Kirsty People 420
Freelance writer
J.F.Gibson asked lots of interesting questions about Kevin Dwyer and 'The Trivia Man', plus my top three tips for writers. Here's the interview at Jodi's website.



Kirsty People 420Such a delight to visit bestselling author, Jenn McLeod of 'Seasons of Shadow and Light' fame at her 'Write Round Oz' blog to talk about living in the country, dogs, food and writing, as well as my new book  'The Trivia Man'. Thanks for inviting me to your place, Jenn.